Diary Of A Loctician!

There are so many people who are converting to natural hair styles and are eager to start their loc's, that they see loc extensions as a way to quicken the process.

The good news is that there are many ways to acheive this look with many different processes.   

One question that one must ask oneself is "Are you looking for something permanent or temporary?"

This type of hair service is specific to each individual with a specific creative process. A full consultation will allow the absolute BEST experience and outcome. The beauty about locs is in having the freedom and the courage to wear our hair in many interesting, beautiful and creative ways. There are many ways to imitate loc's.

Just Ask Me How and I will walk YOU through to the best options available for YOU...

This Blog Post Is Brought To YOU By Shaquora - Sophisticated Loc's Natural Hair & Art Salon.


  1. I'm interested in getting loc extensions. I live in Boston but could come for a day to get them done. I have a set style that I want as well and have a photo of it. Do you have an email address that I can contact you at?

  2. Thank YOU for visiting The Sophisticated Loc's Salon Blog and your interest for considering us as the salon to come to for your loc extensions. Please feel free to CALL 347-569-1413 for an one on one phone consultation.

  3. Do you have weekend hours?

  4. Yes, we offer weekend hours. We also offer emergency hours for those who must attend a funeral service at Sophisticated Loc's. Just call and let us know YOUR circumstances.

  5. Hi, I am spanish and started my locs last November, but I am not completely happy with my hair, it is locked but sloppy looking. I suffer from bad dandruff, and my current loctician can't seem to help....

  6. Hello i want to start locs in a few weeks my hair is natural now but I really don't know how to look for a salon who can do them the right way. I've been looking at different websites and prices some prices are crazy to start locs plz help if you can. Yvette thanks

  7. Hi There! Hope you're well! I'm really interested in getting loc extensions. When is the best to call and discuss? Thank you very much!


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